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Our workshops are thought and structured to welcome participants of all skill levels. With five participants maximum for each session of 3hr1/2, our artist –instructor has the time to provide you with personalized guidance, whether you are a skilled amateur, an art student, or a novice… At the end of each workshop, you will have achieved one painting and, depending on subject, one or two drawing/painting studies of Paris that we hope will encourage you to pursue learning and developing your skills in this field.

All art materials are provided
Bring your own
A2 folder to transport your portfolio.


We currently have 2 workshops (= 6 single classes) open to all participants.
Current online booking system allows you to book for any single art class.

PARIS IMPRESSIONISTS: outdoor, 3 location-specific classes, total duration: 10h30
Ile Saint Louis, saturdays 9h30-13h
BNF(Bibliothèque François Mitterand), sundays 9h30-13h
Bois de Boulogne, thursdays & mondays 9h30-13h

PAINT IN THE STUDIO: 3 studio-based classes, total duration: 10h30
Painting the Houdon, fridays 9h30-13h
Theatrical Still Life, fridays 14h-17h30
Painting the Nude, mondays 14h30-18h




arabesque separateur 01

All classes are scheduled so that you may take one, a few or all of them.

Any one single class = 66€
Paris Impressionist Workshop (3 outdoor classes) = 198€
Paint in the studio Workshop (3 indoor classes) = 198€

Make Art in Paris Workshops (all classes) = 396€
This formula includes one museum visit on thursday afternoons.