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Who We Are

Lara Plowright : founder, artist, instructor

Lara Plowright, French and English, painter and musician, evolves through diverse communities of artists, engineers, humanitarians, journalists and Anglophone expatriates. Lara graduated from Kingston University with a BA in Illustration and Animation. She has since worked with local organizations as an arts facilitator, teaching her know-how during weekly workshops in drawing, painting, and animation. On the side, she furthered her studies both in fine art and music.

As a painter, Lara devotes a large part of her artistic creation to aeronautics. Since 2015, Lara has been painting aircraft and rocket engines. Her body of work De Aeronautica, an anatomy of engines was selected by the 2017 French Air Force Jury. After a long-awaited selection process, Lara has recently received confirmation of earning the Official Air and Space Painter title of the French Air Force. We are very proud of her achievement and delighted to have her as our artist-instructor.

DSCF4141-petit - l'arbre à mots de l'Aire à Mots

L’Aire à Mots, our community

At l’Aire à Mots, we believe that building bridges between communities is what makes for a coherent democracy. Whether written or spoken, we believe in the power of poets and poetry. Our mission is to make the French language available to all.


Regularly confronted with illiteracy, L’Aire à Mots works to include those whose childhoods did not allow schooling, or only very little. Our creative workshops address such issues for both youths and adults, working primarily with very low income and migrant audiences. Our volunteers intervene as admins, accountants, artists, educators, instructors… Make Art In Paris is regularly involved in its projects. Your contribution has a huge impact on our community: Make Art In Paris gives 79% of proceeds to l’Aire à Mots. Our contribution to sustaining this local organization ‘s  engagement in education.


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