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PAINTING IN THE STUDIO 2018-03-27T19:11:03+00:00

Painting in the studio – technique workshops

In the studio, we teach technical foundations of academic drawing & painting.
This course is open to and suitable for every skill level, including beginners.
The number of participants is limited to 5.
All art materials are provided, except for an A2 folder for your portfolio transportation.

Class 1 & 3 include sketching warm-ups before painting.

Class 1 – Painting the Houdon, structure and mass of the human figure
This class looks at the human anatomy from an artistic perspective to facilitate the fundamentals of body structure, mass and tones.

Class 2 – Theatrical Still Life : understanding contrasts, rendering atmospheres
Enough painting pears, apples, flowers etc ! In this class, we develop similar observational skills but our still life subjects are artifacts for perfomance arts : musical instruments, costumes, etc… « Painting from nature », you will explore composition, mass, tonal values.

Class 3 – The Nude, painting with a model
This class explores the fundamentals of figure painting with a model. Drawing/painting warm-ups, body structure, mass & tonal values.