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The Nude

Painting with a model

Learn painting the human figure with a model posing for us.

Our instructor will introduce the subject with a quick demo. We will warm up with sketching exercises. If you are a novice, you will be surprised by what you can achieve in such a short time!


As we dive deeper into the subject, you will learn basic “conventions” around depicting the nude. As we go along, you will learn to manage colours on your palette and shade human flesh. At the end of our session you will have achieved a few studies and one nude painting that we hope will encourage you to pursue learning and developing your skills in this field.


This workshop takes place in our studio in Paris 19th arrondissement, open to and suitable for every skill level, including beginners. Number of participants is limited to 5.

All art materials are provided, except for an A2 folder and/or tube you will want to have to take your work home with you.


Important note: If you wish to attend this class you must first enrol and attend at least one other studio-based workshop. Custom is to leave a tip to our model at the end of each session.


By the end of the session you will have:

•    Learned strategies to master the “fear of failure”
•    Gained insight in the “grammar” of human anatomy for painting
•    Gained insight in depicting shapes, volumes, structures, light and shadow
•    Honed your observation skills
•    Guidance by an expert on how to further develop your creativity, depending on skill level and artist’s path.

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